Studio Wars Part 2

Studio Wars continues.

Scott knew what he was talking about with Spider-man, now that Sony has pushed back the next Spider-man another year.  This one is from Feburary 26th.

Sony: Hey FOX I heard you had a run in with Disney last week.
FOX: yeah, he laughed at my Fantastic Four cast list.
Sony: Wait, that was real? I thought The onion posted that.
FOX: Why does everyone keep saying that?
Sony: Never mind, I have something planned that will even the score a bit
FOX: Really? What is it?
Sony: A new Spider-Man movie ever year.
FOX: And?
Sony: That’s the plan, isn’t it great?
FOX: Won’t people get tired of Spider-Man?
Sony: Disney releases at least one Marvel movie a year, and they are all hits.
FOX: Yeah, but they are different characters each time
Sony: Who’s side are you on?
FOX: ok, you’re right. Sounds like a solid plan
Disney: Sounds good to me too you guys
Sony: What the..?
FOX: Where is that coming from?
Disney: Uh, I’m on the phone. I called earlier and Sony put me on speaker. He forgot to put me on hold when you came in FOX.
Sony: Son of a..
FOX: Did you hear when I defended your release model? Wasn’t that cool of me?
Disney: Yes FOX that was very cool. now if you’ll excuse me I need to get the paperwork started on taking over the Spider-Man franchise as well.
Sony: one day that pompus fool will fall, and when he does we’ll be there to laugh.
FOX: it will be sweet.
Disney: Still on the line guys.
Sony: Damn it! 

By Scott Condella



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